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Top 5 Improvements That Increase Home Value

Top 5 Improvements that Increase Home Value Did you know that not every home improvement gives you a dollar-for-dollar return or even a ‘good’ return on your investment? Knowing which home improvements matter and will give you a good return on your investment is important, especially if you’re thinking about selling your home soon. Minor […]


First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes to Avoid

First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes to Avoid Buying your first home is one of the most exciting decisions you’ll make in your life! It comes with a lot of responsibility, but a lot of excitement too. Before you jump in and buy your first home, know the most common first-time homebuyer mistakes people make.   Not Getting […]


10 Home Inspection Issues Red Flags

Most homebuyers realize that they can’t expect a perfect home inspection report when buying a resale home. Cosmetic flaws and minor repairs are easily managed and shouldn’t be deal breakers. That said, there are some issues that are more serious and should give the buyer pause if not addressed adequately. 1. Leaky and Rundown Roofing […]

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New 2021 Fannie Mae Loan Limits

Good news! Fannie Mae just released new loan limits for 2021. This will definitely open up the doors for more home buyers next year. Curious to see if you can qualify for a home mortgage? Try our Home Purchase Qualifier tool. CLICK HERE   Below are the list of the new SoCal loan limits for […]


Por Que Obtener La Aprobacion Hipotecario Es Esencial

Elegir comprar una casa no es algo que deba tomarse a la ligera, por eso es esencial obtener una aprobación previa. Es una decisión importante que puede afectar significativamente la vida de uno. Hay muchos pasos que se deben seguir para completar el proceso. Uno de los pasos más importantes es obtener una aprobación previa […]

10 Habitos De Un Escrow Exitoso

Escrow es una parte importante del proceso de compra de una vivienda y hoy compartiremos 10 hábitos de un escrow exitoso. Se establece una cuenta de escrow para los compradores de vivienda una vez que han hecho una oferta por una vivienda y la oferta ha sido aceptada. El comprador deberá entonces hacer un depósito, […]